His and Hers: Twin Outfits

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We often see twin boys or twin girls, and it’s expected that parents tend to dress them with the same clothes to reiterate that the kids are twins. That’s no bad thing at all, indeed it looks fun, and seeing other adults guess which one’s which is funny.

Twins of the opposite sex don’t get any exception. It may be easy to tell them apart, but greater challenge comes in dressing them inidentical outfits. For those lucky parents, here’s a twin set for your boy and girl.

twinoutfits His and Hers: Twin OutfitsHIS: PETIT BATEAU Stripe Sailor Tee $32.00 | RALPH LAUREN White Cotton Shorts $45.00 | CONVERSE KIDS CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR Lo Shoe $59.95

HERS: PETIT BATEAU Stripe Jumper Dress $34.00 | PETIT BATEAU Navy Leggings $11.00 | START-RITE White Clare Mary-Janes $78.00

Triple Threat Chambray

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chambray Triple Threat Chambray

It’s the season to be blue…with clothes! Blue, the color of calmness and coolness, the color for all seasons. These dresses will make their way the whole year round.

BEBE BY MINIHAHA Brooke Frill-Sleeve Dress AU$39.95 | GUESS Shirt Dress Set AU$79.95 | GUESS Tank Dress AU$79.95

My Little Heart Breaker

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You can never go wrong with stripes, neither will your little kiddo. Let him graduate from prints of trains and superheroes. Less is more. Bring in the simplicity and sleekness of the mighty stripes.

In contrast to the checkered on stripes of Little In-vest-or, this outfit set is more simple, but along with the clean solid colors are the bold navy stripes on the grey shirt. Pair long sleeves with a clean and crisp white shorts then finish off the getup with bright blue shoes and a sun hat for extra measure. Your little heart breaker will be painting the town red.

outfit4 My Little Heart Breaker

Navy Sun Hat $25.00 | BURBERRY Grey Navy Stripe Tee $61.00 | BOSS White Tailored Shorts $62.00 | PUMA Blue White Trainers $27.00

Preppy School Boy

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School is cool, and so does preppy clothes. After Hey Little Sailor and Little In-vest-or here comes the Preppy School Boy, with an outfit that combines honor student with nautical captain.

Yet again a vest makes its appearance. Vests add pop to a plain outfit even without prints. Coupled with starch chambray shorts and collared white shirt, your little boy will look like someone out of a toddler fashion magazine. Add that necktie for more charm.

outfit3 Preppy School Boy

BABY GRAZIELLA Blue Linen Tie $18.00 | TOMMY HILFIGER Navy Knitted V-Neck Vest $33.00 | RALPH LAUREN Babies White Polo with Large Navy Logo $54.00 | BABY GRAZIELLA Chambray Linen Shorts $52.00 | LACOSTE White Branded Trainers $35.00

Little In-Vest-or

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Stripes and plaid may be overbearing if the lines and colors are too loud, but with the right balance they are pretty dapper. Vests can look too dressy, but with the right clothes it can also be casual, and to a casual attire it adds an edge of stylishness. Following the Hey Little Sailor outfit, here’s another outfit inspired by the never dying and always fashionable nautical trend.

The shorts’ subtle vertical stripes adds the right amount of touch to a white bottom, while the navy vest tones down the plaid shirt with its solid color. Little hints of red plaid plus navy and subtle greys make up a great muted nautical color scheme.

outfit2 Little In Vest or

TOMMY HILFIGER Button Down Knit Vest $43.00 | LEVI’S Checked Shirt with Double Collar $33.00 | ROBERTO CAVALLI Off-White and Beige Striped Shorts $77.00 | LACOSTE Navy Marcel Canvas Low-Tops $30.00

Dressing the Boys

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4outfits 528x353 Dressing the Boys

Loving the getups for your little charmers? That’s a sneak peek of the series of outfits which I will be posting. A cross of the nautical trend with another style. We have started off with Hey Little Sailor, the one at the far left. Wait for the rest, it’s time the boys get the style spotlight this spring!

Hey Little Sailor

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It’s fun to dress up little girls, but what about the little boys? Let’s take a break from our little princesses and turn the style spotlight to our handsome boys.

Here’s a sailor-inspired outfit without the very predictable anchor or boat appliques – crisp white with navy blue and subtle hints of stripes. The striped hat is a great substitute for a boatman hat, and the necktie adds style to an unprinted pair of button-down shirt and shorts.

outfit11 Hey Little Sailor

GREVI Navy and White Stripe Hat with Raffia Trim $41.00 | BABY GRAZIELLA Navy Linen Tie with White Stripes $19.00 | BABY GRAZIELLA Linen Shirt with Blue Collar $61.00 | BABY GRAZIELLA Navy Linen Shorts $60.00 | Lacoste White and Grey Mason Slip-ons $27.00

Ready for Spring

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Indeed it is still winter, but who’s not excited for spring? With this we’ll have lots and lots of dresses lined up for our little ladies, and stark pants for our handsome boys. Let’s kick it off with the epitome of spring, flowers. Bringing it on to fashion yields floral dresses…for little girls (sorry mommies, you’ll get your dose of spring frocks in the next weeks).

What’s truly lovable about these frocks are their prints, like splashes of watercolor or paints on white canvas. From cherries to birds to feathers – color, life, and elegance, that’s what these dresses are all about. (Click on the dresses for more details)

Floral Print Chiffon Dress 182imku Ready for Spring  Floral print silk Dress 10casjr Ready for Spring  Frill Sleeve Floral Dress uwbaav Ready for Spring   Cherry Print Dress with Bloomers p96y1q Ready for SpringFloral Dress with Puff Sleeves 1t119z6 Ready for Spring       Bird print dress g2fvin Ready for Spring  Cream dress with feather print 8wqo2j Ready for Spring  Pink rose print dress with bloomers 2sccjb Ready for Spring

Aren’t they just fresh? I personally love the Roberto Cavalli cap-sleeved dress. To see more dresses visit our online store.

Little Dresses with Architecture

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Dresses have three F’s in their character: flowy, fresh, and free-spirited. It’s like wearing freedom on your being. Dresses give an instant femininity to even the un-feminine. However, there are some dresses which go for that crisp yet chic look. It’s all about structure and lines with these dresses, as if at first look even on the hanger you know the dress will fit you right.

These dresses are not for you though (bursting bubble, I know). Little ladies don’t need to be a grownup working woman to wear structured dresses often reserved for offices and special occasions. These dresses have blunt lines, architectural in form it seems, but there are still touches of youth and freshness like ribbons and color. (Click on the dresses for more details.)

White Polka Dot Dress with Knickers k1d8ox Little Dresses with Architecture White and black polka dot dress with bows 4t3qbc Little Dresses with Architecture Grey Polka Dot Dress with White Frills sek0zv Little Dresses with ArchitectureHeavy Cream Dress With Navy Trim iu0bks Little Dresses with Architecture Blue and White Silk Polka Dot Dress 1f93z29 Little Dresses with Architecture  White Bourdon Dress 1fjnvxg Little Dresses with Architecture  Navy pleated dress 1i7fggn Little Dresses with Architecture  Pink Pleat Dress 1pxaxv2 Little Dresses with Architecture  Light Pink Babouch Dress 1iytfhs Little Dresses with Architecture   Multi Colour Stripe Dress and bloomers 1icozs5 Little Dresses with Architecture

Don’t you just love these dresses for your little lady? Simple yet savvy. Click on the images for details or check them out at the online store!

Miss Rose Sister Violet

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Lace, pearls, and other vintage trademarks get centerstage with Miss Rose Sister Violet’s chic line. Your little fairy might be born in the era of fruits-turned-gadget brands, but a whimsical twist will bring a much needed magical touch.

Miss Rose Sister Violet Vintage Lace Lamp 3wtteh Miss Rose Sister VioletMiss Rose Sister Violet Vintage Tootsie Blue Ribbon Headband 1cjoaom Miss Rose Sister VioletMiss Rose Sister Violet Cabbage Pearl Diamante Clip ib1v9a Miss Rose Sister VioletMiss Rose Sister Violet Large Zip Bag Pink Velvet qw42l3 Miss Rose Sister VioletMiss Rose Sister Violet Ribbon Boa Pink 16z852e Miss Rose Sister VioletMiss Rose Sister Violet Roses and Pearls Lamp 2vfarb Miss Rose Sister Violet

What’s even more chic is that you, yes you adult woman you, can use Miss Rose Sister Violet. All it takes is a matter of creativity and a dash of perfume. Don’t you just love that lace dress? I would love to wear that if they have my size. Well that ornamented lampshade is just the perfect touch for a boring dresser. If lasses get to enjoy these beauties so can we ladies.

From doorstops to scented sachets to buntings and cushions, Miss Rose Sister Violet has a lot of daintiness to offer. Check out more Miss Rose Sister Violet cuties at the online shop.